Lash lift

Beautiful curled and coloured eyelashes for weeks without lash extension!

What is iCurl®?

iCurl®  is a safe and effective method for curling your lashes. Eyelash perming is a great alternative for woman with straight lashes who want a natural curl without the daily use of manual eyelash curlers. No glue and rollers needed! It is a technique that makes your own natural lashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions. 

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How long does an iCurl® treatment take?

This treatment takes about 60 minutes.

How does it work?

All the lashes are lifted from the hair root by using clamps where the lashes are treated simply and effectively. No glue and rollers are used during the treatment!

Do's and don'ts!

Safety first!

In some cases it is not possible to do lash treatment. For example alopecia or chemotherapy, conjunctivitus (pus, red eyes) or conjunctivitis. Please keep that in mind!

iCurl® lash lift

Beautiful curled eyelashes for weeks without lash extension!